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No physical/in person classes this week or next 3/30/2020

We wanted to remind everyone that we are still in lockdown and will not be conducting the private lessons scheduled this week and next however we are excited to announce our Zoom classes are online and it’s time to clear a space in your living room to practice your Jiu-Jitsu skills.

We appreciate everyones patience while we navigate this down time. We want our studio to be able to survive after life returns to normal and the only way we can do this is through your continued support. Here are some of the activities available while we wait to get back in regular classes.

Zoom Classes

We will now be offering group classes online through Zoom. 

Our Zoom lessons will be 30 minutes at a time and will include character lessons, calisthenics, core strengthening, and jiu-jitsu based movements. 

We are also adding a couple of full body foam roller classes for parents (and students) if you want to learn how to effectively roll out those sore muscles.

If you are a cross-trainer then head over to the studio announcements page for CKA and see when you can take online karate classes.

Class times for the week of 03/30/2020 are as follows:

Jiu-Jitsu Class Times

Monday 03/30 @ 2pm

Tuesday 03/31 @ 1pm

Wednesday 04/01 @2pm

Thursday 04/02 @ 3pm

Friday 04/03 @ 3pm

Foam Roller Class Times

Monday 03/30 @ 2:30 pm

Wednesday 04/01 @ 2:30pm

Zoom Online Lessons

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Meeting ID: 961 439 1942