Our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team

Coach Brent, a blue belt, posing for his picture in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi.

Coach Brent Mikita

Coach Brent has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for two and a half years where he earned his blue belt under Professor Chris Serrell. He runs the kids program and strives to teach them the best jiu-jitsu, self-defense and character lessons he can. His inviting demeanor, personable nature, and life experience is a valuable asset to our team.

Brent is a former United States Marine where he served 8 years as an Infantryman. He has been on 3 deployments -- two combat -- and spent the last 3 years of his enlistment working for the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps at the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

He recently graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor of arts degree in Digital Media.